Getting notified when device moves out of Geofence

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Can I get notified when the devices moves out of the fence I have created?

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    Eric Miller


    Eric Miller



    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    The device will be marked non- compliant when it moves out of a Geofence or enters a restricted area. You can configure Notifications settings so that the administrators, as well as the associated users, get notified via email upon the device non-compliance.
    To create a Geofence, go to Admin–> Geofencing and click on Create Fence. Draw your fence on the map and click Save.
    To enforce the Geofence on to a device, you would have to add it to a policy. Go to Policies–> General Settings–> Geofencing. Click on Add Fence and select the fence you want from the list.
    To enable Notifications, go to Admin–> Notifications, under Notify the Administrators on, check the option Device out of Compliance. You can also notify the users when a device goes out of compliance. Under Notify the associated users on, check the option Device out of Compliance.

    Eric Miller
    Hexnode MDM