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Hi all,
We have installed CleanMyMac X software on our mac devices to clean and clear up space on them. But when accessing some premium features, it shows that ‘Full Disc Access’ is required for the app to avail full functionalities, such as erasing local copies of files and emails. But, with so many devices in the company, giving full disk access to each mac is overwhelming. got any way to overcome this?

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  • Hexnode

    Evin Lee


    Hey @itzel, thanks for reaching out to us.

    We have got the solution for you. With the Privacy Preferences policy, you can remotely provide Full Disk Access to the CleanMyMac X app installed on all of your macOS devices. Before configuring the policy, please add the app to the Hexnode app inventory. Follow the steps below to configure the privacy preference policy and enable full disk access for the app.

    1. Go to Policies > macOS > Security > Privacy Preferences, and click on +Add new preference. It will open a dialog box with all the available privacy services for macOS devices.
    2. Please change the All Files option from Default to Allow.
    3. Then, search and select the CleanMyMac X app. Finally, you can associate the policy with your Mac devices.

    While configuring the policy, if you cannot select the app or if the app is greyed out, please execute a ‘Scan Device’ action for all of your Macs. And after executing the policy, you have to relaunch the app for the configuration to take effect.

    If you have any doubts, please check out our help doc on configuring the privacy preference policy for macOS devices to know more.

    Hope this solves your query. Do reach out if you have any further queries.

    Have a great day!
    Evin Lee
    Hexnode UEM

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    Thanks a lot, @Evin Lee. I applied the policy to one of the macs. Now, I’m able to use the full functionality of Cleanmymac x. The app is shown under system preferencessecurity & privacyprivacyfull disk access on the device. But the box corresponding to the app is unchecked. Will it affect the apps working? Also, what happens if an employee changes the FDA settings of an app after applying the mentioned policy?

  • Hexnode

    Evin Lee


    Hey @itzel, we have got you covered.

    Sometimes the privacy preference settings pushed from the Hexnode portal may not be displayed under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy on the device. However, the app will have Full Disk Access. Hence, if the app is listed in Full Disk Access preference under the Privacy pane and the box corresponding to the app is unchecked even after associating the policy with the devices, the app will continue to work with the Full Disk Access.

    Regarding your second query, if the user modifies the Full Disk Access settings of an app configured via policy, the settings pushed from Hexnode will take effect.

    Hope this helps.

    Evin Lee
    Hexnode UEM