Does remote-wiping an iOS device delete the eSIM?

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Subject says it all, I think. Does remote-wiping an iOS device delete the eSIM profile, or keep it? I have some iPhone SEs with eSIM only (no physical SIM), and I don’t see an option in the portal wipe dialog to select keep/delete.


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  • Hey @brobi, thank you for reaching out to us.

    A remote wipe would completely remove all data and configurations on your iOS device including your eSIM profile.

    Hope that clears things up for you!

    Best Regards,
    Audrey Black
    Hexnode UEM

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    Other MDM’s have the ability to checka box that allows you to keep your esims. This is a feature I have requested before. Almost makes the wipe function useless when most of todays tablets have esims included.