Installing VPP app that already exists on the device

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Hi. What will happen if we push a VPP app to an iOS device but the app is already installed on the device by the user? Will the VPP version override the existing version and will the app be a managed app?

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    Chris Wheeler


    Hey @megan, thanks for reaching out to us.

    Interesting question! There are 2 possible scenarios here.

    Scenario 1: If the device is supervised. 

    If you push a VPP app to a supervised iOS device that already has the app installed, the VPP version will override the existing version silently making the app managed.

    Scenario 2: If the device is unsupervised.

    In this case, the VPP version will not override the existing version silently. Instead, a popup asking the user’s consent to make the app managed will appear on the device. The VPP version will override the existing version, and the app becomes managed only if the user approves it from the device end.

    Do reach out if you’ve any more queries. We’d be happy to answer!
    Chris Wheeler
    Hexnode MDM