DEP enrollment failed when authentication is enabled

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I tried DEP enrollment for the first time and ran into an issue. When the authentication is not enabled the DEP enrollment works perfectly. But after completing the authentication setup using Active Directory, it is showing this error on the device end: 
(BYCloudConfigRetreiveProfileFromWebErrorDomain error -1.) 
What can be the problem here?

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    This error message likely indicates that there is an issue with retrieving the device management profile from the web. Try checking if the device management profile is properly configured on the web server.

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    Aaron McCarthy


    I had a similar issue with DEP enrollment once, this might be the case if you are not up-to-date with the terms and conditions of Apple Business Manager. Check if there are any updates in ABM.

  • Hi @zinovia, welcome to Hexnode Connect!
    This could possibly be an issue with the DEP server. Please ensure that the DEP tokens have not expired, and the AD sync is complete. This does not seem to be an issue from our end. However, we will continue looking into the issue and will keep you posted on the progress.

    Thanks for reaching out. Please feel free to ask further queries.

    Kenny Markovic
    Hexnode UEM