Creating user and device group in bulk using CSV file

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how can i create user and device group in bulk using ,csv

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    When there are a large number of users to enroll, bulk enrollment by importing CSV file is the best method. Follow the below steps for this:

    • Navigate to Enroll-> All Enrollments-> Invite-> Email.
    • Under Send enrollment request to, switch the toggle button to Bulk user.
    • Click on Choose file button to upload the CSV file with all the user and their details. You can download a sample CSV file by clicking on Download sample CSV file.
    • Click on Next and verify the CSV file uploaded.
    • Choose the mode through which enrollment requests are to be sent and click on Send.

    To enroll a large number of devices to Device groups using the CSV file, follow the below steps:

    • Navigate to Manage-> Device Groups and click on Add Bulk Devices with CSV.
    •  Click on Choose file button to upload the CSV file containing the group name, serial number/ device ID/ UDID of the device and description of the device group.
    • Click Next for verifying the CSV file. You can Map Keys while verifying the CSV file.
    • The final summary of the process will be shown. Click on Finish to view the device groups with devices added to it.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM