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Devices not reporting locationSolved

6 years ago

I have a few devices that are not reporting their location. Could you point me to the settings that will correct this?

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6 years ago
Marked SolutionPending Review

Hi Benjamin! You would have to check if the device is online and also make sure that the location services of the device is turned on.

If your device is either a Samsung (with SAFE), LG (with GATE) or Kyocera, you can force GPS location by                                                                              Polices > Android Settings > Restrictions.

I would also suggest you do a location scan and check the status of the device, you can check the status by navigating to                                        Management> Click on device name > Action History.

If the status is “failed”, the reasons would be displayed as:

– ‘Location tracking has not been enabled for this device.’
– ‘Google Play service not enabled.’
– ‘Unable to retrieve location. Check if Location services are enabled on the device.’
– ‘Location services have been disabled by user.’
– ‘Location data unreliable (from Mock location app).’

If the status is “success” the location scan is completed successfully.

Frank Clinton
Hexnode MDM.