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We bought some new mobile devices for our new hires…how can i create users in bulk instead of adding new user one after the other? Is it possible to create dynamic group for specific users?

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    Ethan Miller


    Hi @Wade56!

    Thank you for reaching out to us!

    Hexnode supports bulk user enrollment by importing a CSV file.
    Navigate to Users under the Manage tab and select Bulk user.

    add users in bulk

    You are redirected to a page to invite users to enroll through self-enrollment or enrollment requests.
    Select the user domains to send the enrollment requests. Choose the ownership of the devices.

    user domains and enrollment requests

    Based on the domain selected, you can upload a CSV file with user details. You may download the sample CSV file and edit the details to start.

    Send enrollment request to users

    Learn more about bulk enrollment with CSV import using Hexnode.

    You can create dynamic groups for specific existing users with different criteria. Navigate to the Manage tab and click on Device Group. Choose New Dynamic Group. You can configure the required criteria to create dynamic groups. You could

    1. Choose location filters with Geofences to group devices based on their location.
    2. Use Condition filters such as device info or user info to group devices automatically.
    3. Provide Exceptions to exclude devices that satisfy the conditions mentioned, from the device group.

    Check out our guide on how to create dynamic device groups.

    Dynamic groups based on condition filters

    Hope this answer suits your requirement.

    Ethan Miller
    Hexnode UEM