Blocked package error in Single App kiosk mode

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I am new to Hexnode and just encounter a problem in Single App Kiosk mode. I have set to run a Kiosk app, e.g. Then, within the app, I will call another package I found that it prompts the package is blocked

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    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    The error appears because the app you have added in the kiosk is trying to access an app that has not been whitelisted. You can add this blocked app as a background app to solve this problem. The app has to be first added to the Hexnode app inventory for this. Please follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Please navigate to Apps tab-> Apps and click on +Add Apps. Click on option ‘With Bundle ID’.
    • Enter the App Name, Bundle ID and Category of the app. Check out our help link on finding Bundle ID for more info.
    • Click Add. The app is now added to the inventory.

    Now that the app is added to the inventory, please navigate to Policies-> Kiosk Lockdown-> Android Kiosk Lockdown-> Background app in the kiosk policy and add the created app. Associate targets and save the policy. The app will now be pushed to the device but the icon will not be displayed on the Kiosk launcher. Please use the help link on background apps for more info.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM