Application Reports for KSP feedback messages

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What’s new in Hexnode UEM? Obtain reports on KSP feedback messages.

You will now have the option to view all the Knox Service Plugin feedback messages received (for up to the previous 6 months) by the portal under Reports > Application Reports > KSP Feedback messages. It lists all messages sent by Samsung Knox devices on which the Knox Service Plugin policy is associated from the Hexnode console.

The feedback messages are filtered based on the severity and show the total number of devices associated.

Would like to know more information about the devices that sent the feedback?

Clicking on the total number of devices listed for each message enables the administrator to view the device info along with the reported time.

Get your portal updated and you’re good to go.

Learn and experience more of Hexnode UEM hands-on! Happy device management! ?

Catherine George
Hexnode UEM

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