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Hey, I’m setting up APNs, but the Push Certificate Portal just says “To get a new certificate for a OS X server, use your OS X server administration tools.“It seems like the web portal may no longer be active?

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    Hey Emma! This issue can be resolved by clearing the cache of the browser.

    You can also use this link which would guide you to the Apple push certificate page.


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    I get another error while renewing the APNs certificate.
    “Topic is not matching with previous one. If you continue with this certificate, device(s) enrolled with old certificate should be re enrolled.”

  • Thanks for reaching out to us, @Toby!

    Yes, you can renew them before they get expired and it is better to do so. If the APNs certificate gets expired, you will no longer be able to manage the enrolled Apple devices. You’ll have to renew the APNs certificate to resume device management via Hexnode. To renew the certificate before expiry, please follow these steps:

    1. In the Hexnode portal, under the Admin tab, when you select APNs settings, you can find the date of certificate creation, expiration and your Apple ID used to generate the certificate.
    2. Here, you can also see a Renew Certificate button. When clicked, you can generate the CSR from a setup window.
    3. This is to be uploaded to the Apple Push Certificates portal. While logging in, do keep in mind to use the same Apple ID credentials used previously for generating the certificate. On the next page, choose the certificate you have to renew and upload the CSR here. The APNs certificate is automatically downloaded.
    4. Now, go back to the Hexnode MDM portal and click on the Next button. Here, you can upload the APNs certificate. Click on Finish to renew the APNs certificate.

    For detailed steps, please refer to our documentation on renewing APNs certificate.

    Hope that helps.

    Gabriel Galbraith
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