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Hello. How can I set a specific password to android device?

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for posting the query. Happy to help.

    Hexnode can force the user to use a strong passcode and change passcode periodically. But we cannot set a specific password to the device.

    To set a passcode rule for the device, please navigate to policies–>select an existing policy/create a new policy–>Android–>Password. You will have two options:
    Device password: Set a password rule for the users and make the password mandatory on the devices.
    AFW Container Password: Set up a device for Android Work Container.

    On configuring, you can set the passcode rule for the device. You will have the following options to configure:
    Passcode Requirement: Select the type of characters that users need to use in the passcode.
    Passcode age: The number of days before which the passcode needs to be changed.
    Auto-lock after: Amount of idle time before the device is locked automatically.
    Passcode History: Set to block users from reusing the passcode for a specific number of times
    Failed attempts: After the specified number of failed attempts, the device data will be wiped automatically.

    Please find this link for reference.



    Grace Baker

    Hexnode MDM