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Is there a way to ensure that if a browser window is open to use that window instead of starting a new window? We have a problem where people are opening multiple browsers which bog down our tablets’ memory. It would be better if we could reuse an existing window instance. Thanks!

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    Catherine George


    Hi Russell,

    I hope you are doing good!

    Please be informed that Hexnode does not keep tabs on the opened browsers of a device to determine whether the URL access should be permitted via a new app or the same app.

    Given the case, if the devices are locked down in kiosk mode, only those apps added to the kiosk lockdown policy will be accessible on the device. Hence, you may permit only those browser apps if you have any browser preferences. The rest of all browser apps will be ultimately blocked on the device.

    As an alternative method that will delimit the number of tabs opened on a browser, you may add the Hexnode Kiosk Browser app as the only browser app and configure it to open only a specified number of tabs while the device is in kiosk mode.

    1. Log in to the Hexnode UEM console.
    2. Click on Policies > New Policy.
    3. Navigate to Kiosk Lockdown > Android Kiosk Lockdown. You can choose Single App/Multi App.
    4. Add the app(s).
    5. Navigate to Advanced Website Kiosk Settings > Other Settings. Enable the option Maximum number of tabs allowed for the Hexnode Kiosk Browser app. Specify the number of tabs that should be permitted. It keeps a count of the number of tabs and restricts a new tab beyond the specified value.

    Note: Make sure the Hexnode Kiosk Browser app is installed on the devices. Use the
    Install Application
    action or Mandatory Apps policy to install it.

    Hope this serves your needs!

    Feel free to reach out to us in case you have further queries.

    Have a great day ahead!



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