Android MDM Remote control – Emulate Power Button (unlock the device)

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When I remotely connect to a Motorola G6 Plus while the screen is locked all I can see is a black screen. No clicking or swiping (using a mouse) causes the screen to react. The only way to unlock the device is to push any physical button on the actual device.

Is there a way to emulate/evoke actions caused by physical buttons (eg. power button) in order to control the device? Is there a keyboard shortcut to virtually push the buttons?

Please help as without this the remote feature is kind of useless for these smartphones.





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  • Hey,

    At the moment, Hexnode MDM supports the Remote Control feature for Samsung Knox and rooted Android devices.

    To enable Remote Control feature for your Motorola G6 Plus, you will have to root the device. Once it is rooted, you’ve to grant root access permission for Hexnode MDM for getting the complete privilege of a rooted device.

    Currently, we do not support the feature to emulate the hardware buttons. We have raised a request to our developers for the same and will update you with an ETA at the earliest.

    However, the Remote View feature is available for your Motorola G6 Plus and gives you the ability to remotely view your device screen right away from the Hexnode MDM Console. While enabling Remote View for your device, you’ve to ensure that you have the latest version of Hexnode MDM installed on your Android (5.1 and above) device.

    Jane McLaren
    Hexnode MDM