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Zach GoodmanZach Goodman
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Hi @Zimran, thanks for reaching out to us.
Do you want to add Apple ID on the device during Apple Configurator enrollment? Or, are you looking to add Apple ID through the profiles/blueprints in Apple Configurator?

In any case, it is not possible to add Apple ID to your Apple device using Apple Configurator 2. The user will have to manually sign in to iTunes with their Apple ID on the end-device. However, if you’re using Apple Configurator to prepare the device, you may streamline this process by enabling Apple ID log in screen in the Setup Assistant. You can configure this on the ‘Configure iOS Setup Assistant’ step while preparing the device. Select Show only some steps if you’re planning to skip some steps and select Apple ID from the list before confirming the next step.

Note: in case you’re enrolling the device outside Apple Configurator 2, you can also enable the Apple ID step for Setup Assistant from Hexnode UEM by configuring a DEP profile.

Again, if you wish to directly push a profile into the device from Apple Configurator without the MDM involved, then also you don’t have the provision to add Apple ID into the device.

Hope I was able to clear things up.
Zach Goodman,
Hexnode UEM