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AvatarEva Tyler

Hi Gregory,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Yes, you would be able to fetch the location of the device anytime you want.

Navigate to Manage > Devices > Select the required devices > Actions > Scan device location.

Make sure that the following pre-requisites are met:

  • The location tracking policy is applied to the devices. To apply the location tracking policy, navigate to Policies -> General Settings -> Location tracking -> Enable location tracking.
  • Location services are enabled for the device.
  • Hexnode MDM app is installed on the devices.
  • Location permission is given for the Hexnode MDM app.

In the case of iOS devices, for iOS version 13 and above, the Hexnode MDM app needs to run in the foreground for the scan device location action to be a success. For the lower version of iOS devices, the Hexnode MDM app can run in the background to fetch the device location.

For Android devices, in the case of Samsung Knox, LG Gate, and Kyocera devices, it is possible to force the location from the Hexnode portal. Navigate to Policies -> Android -> Restrictions -> Allow location settings -> Enable ‘Force GPS to fetch location’

Please click here to know more about the location tracking for the devices.

To check on the common reasons for the location tracking to fail, please refer: 

Eva Tyler,
Hexnode MDM