Reply To: Pushing shortcuts of URLs to kiosk screen using Hexnode MDM

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Hey, Thanks for the reply.

Since the device is not locked down to kiosk mode, you can push the desired URL to the iOS device as a web clip. The web clip will be displayed as one among the apps.

To set up a web clip:

  1. Navigate to Apps-> +Add Apps-> Web app. 
  2. Enter a name and desired URL. Also, select the icon and category of the web clip.
  3. Click Done.

This web clip can now be added to the iOS device:

  1. Navigate to Policies-> iOS-> App Management-> Web Clips and click Configure.
  2. Click on +Add Web clip and select the created web clip. Click Done.
  3. Associate targets and save the policy.

Check out the help doc on Web Clips for more info.

Grace Baker
Hexnode MDM