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Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

In case of Apple devices, you can privately and securely distribute custom B2B apps using Apple VPP via Hexnode. You will have to submit the customs apps to the VPP store through the Standard App Store. When the apps get approved, you will be able to access these apps through your VPP account. Only you will be able to access them. Check out Apple VPP app deployment with Hexnode MDM for more info.
In case of Windows, Android, macOS and iOS devices, you can add Enterprise apps to the Hexnode App inventory and then distribute these apps to devices via remote actions or Policies. Follow these steps for adding apps to the inventory:

  1. Navigate to Apps-> +Add Apps and choose Enterprise Apps.
  2. Select the platform. Fill in the details such as App Name, method to upload the app, category, description on the app, etc.
  3. Click Add.

For distributing these apps to devices via Policy:

  • Navigate to Policies and create a new policy.
  • Go to Android/iOS/Windows/macOS/-> App Management-> Mandatory Apps and click Configure. Add the desired apps.
  • Associate targets and save the policy.

To install apps via Remote Actions, navigate to the Manage tab, select the desired device, click on the Actions button and choose the option Install Application. Select the desired app and click Done.
Check out Enterprise App distribution using Hexnode MDM for more info.

Grace Baker
Hexnode MDM