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Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device. It refers to the trend of employees using their personal devices to connect to the organizational networks and access the work-related potentially sensitive or confidential data. These devices can be smartphones, personal computers, tablets, etc…
BYOD is an important topic as these solutions can improve employee productivity and morale. It separates work apps and data from personal apps and data.
For Android devices, Hexnode enables you to create a separate work container on the device to manage your device without interfering with personal data on the device. For this, you can enroll the device as a Profile Owner.
In the case of iOS devices, Hexnode controls the flow of data between the personal and corporate space on the device by certain restrictions categorized under Business Container. It prevents the usage of files from managed sources in an unmanaged destination and vice versa.

Kindly use the help link for more info on BYOD management by Hexnode.

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