Receives the message ‘Invalid Input’ while configuring G Suite

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While configuring G Suite, I got an error message “Invalid Input”. I have followed exactly the same steps in the documentation. Anyone to help me out? :’(

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  • Hexnode

    Grace Baker


    Of course Maria! Happy to help.

    Kindly go through the steps of configuration again and ensure that the below-mentioned ones are carried out properly:
    –>JSON file is downloaded from the corresponding service account.
    –>Service Account Admin is chosen as the Service Account Role
    –> Enable G Suite Domain-wide Delegation option under the created Service Account is checked.
    –> Ensure that APIs and services are enabled.
    — >In the Google Admin Console, ensure that API clients are correctly authorized. (Syncing the users and user groups)
    While integrating with Hexnode console,
    –> Ensure that G Suite account’s Admin email is provided.
    –> A proper Domain name is provided.
    –> The correct JSON file is uploaded.
    –>  Valid Token is provided.
    When these details are provided correctly, the integration should get completed automatically.

    Kindly look into the link for further reference.


    Cheers!                                                                                                                                                                                              Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM

  • Hexnode

    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Please try the following solutions:

    • Clear the browser cache.
    • Run the website in incognito mode

    If the above solutions do not seem to be helpful, please follow the below steps:

    1. Log in to the Google Admin Console and navigate to Apps-> Additional Google Services. 
    2. Click on ‘Add Services’.
    3. Click on ‘Add it now’ under the Android Management services package.
    4. When the package is added, you will get redirected to Security-> Manage EMM provider for Android-> Generate Token.
    5. Token will now get generated successfully.

    Kindly use the help link for detailed info.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM