Reply To: Force reset protection for Android


@layla, maybe you are right but I tried the instructions with the Google API Explorer link ( and did get some value.

  "resourceName": "people/XXXXXXXXXXXXXX", 
  "etag": "XXXXXX", 
  "metadata": { 
    "sources": [ 
        "type": "PROFILE", 
        "id": "XXXXXX", 
        "etag": "XXXXX", 
        "profileMetadata": { 
          "objectType": "PERSON", 
          "userTypes": [ 
    "objectType": "PERSON" 

I guess our account ID here is the id key (21 keys). I did some research and Google Account IDs seem predominantly used by Google+, Picasa, ads and other services. Google says –

“User-ID lets you associate a persistent ID for a single user with that user’s engagement data from one or more sessions initiated from one or more devices.”

Seems like something to identify user across their services but still would be much convenient for us to use email id directly instead.