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Hey @_patricia_

We understand your concern and will help in all possible ways to find you a solution.

You will be able to use the lock button to power on the device even if it is disabled. The lock button will only stay disabled when the device is in a switched-on state.

As you are using Samsung Knox devices, we have a solution that might fit your case. However, this feature requires “Power Off” under Android > Restrictions to be enabled on the device, which in your case is disabled. If keeping the screen on is your primary requirement, we would suggest setting “Screen TimeOut” under Android > Restrictions to “Never” instead of disabling the option Power Off.

If you can do that, then you can make use of Hexnode’s advanced restriction feature “Automatically power on a device when the power cable is connected” to bypass the hurdle of manually turning on the device. This setting enables the device to automatically switch on when connected to a power source via a cable so you don’t have to wait around for the user to turn on the device after charging it. Note that this feature is supported only on the KPE Premium License key attached Samsung Knox 2.6+ devices.

Learn more about obtaining and deploying the KPE Premium license key before proceeding.

To set up the policy,

On your Hexnode console, go to Policies. Create a new policy or edit an existing one.

Go to Android > Advanced Restrictions and click on Configure.

Scroll down to Allow Settings and check Automatically power on a device when power cable is connected. Associate the policy with required target entities and save the policy.

Update the Hexnode agent app installed on the devices to the latest version prior to deploying this policy.

Additional Info:
Samsung has recently announced that they will be providing Knox Platform for Enterprise, including the paid licenses like KPE-Premium, free of cost.

Nora Lang
Hexnode UEM