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Apple introduced macOS High Sierra in 2017, which brought significant updates to security and privacy features on Macs. One key change was the introduction of the Secure Tokens attribute, altering how FileVault encryption was managed. Previously, devices were susceptible to both internal and external threats, as any administrator account could access critical settings like FileVault encryption. Secure Tokens addressed this by ensuring that only trusted accounts could access FileVault and perform essential operations on a Mac. However, due to variations in how organizations configured computers and accounts, not all users received secure tokens, presenting a challenge for IT admins. This called for changes to Unified Endpoint Management workflows for enterprises to ensure that all corporate Mac accounts had their respective secure tokens. But what specific alterations have been made to these management workflows, and how have they integrated secure tokens into enterprise practices? Find out, as we discuss:

  • The role secure tokens play in revolutionizing Apple’s security infrastructure
  • Rules governing the allocation of secure tokens & bootstrap tokens to MacOS devices
  • Best practices and use cases involved in deploying secure tokens and bootstrap tokens
  • A UEM provider's role in overseeing secure token management

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