Why should you join, you ask?

A survey by Gartner in May 2023 found that 47% of digital workers struggle to find information or data needed to effectively perform their jobs. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of delivering a robust Digital Employee Experience (DEX). Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) is now at the heart of this transformation, playing a key role in creating a seamless, productive, and engaging workplace environment. In this insightful webinar, we explore the compelling intersection of UEM and DEX, and how they are reshaping the future of work. Join DEX expert Jon Leighton, as he takes a deep-dive into:

  • The Evolution of the Digital Workplace: Examining the shift from traditional work models to the increasingly digital, flexible, and remote-friendly structures of today.
  • Digital Employee Experience - The New Frontier: Understanding the concept of DEX and why it's crucial for employee productivity, satisfaction, and overall business success in the digital age.
  • UEM as a Catalyst for Enhanced DEX: Discovering how Unified Endpoint Management is revolutionizing DEX, providing unified, secure, and efficient solutions that empower employees and drive business growth.
  • Practical Insights and Best Practices: Learn from real-world case studies and gain actionable insights into how your organization can effectively leverage UEM to elevate its Digital Employee Experience.  

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