Everything Hexnode: Product Walkthrough Part 2

This webinar aired on Thursday, October 3rd | 11 AM PST

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The second edition of the two-part series of “Everything Hexnode”, covers Mac, Apple TV and Windows device management. We talk about:

  • A plethora of onboarding options, tailored to suit the unique needs of every enterprise, ranging from No-touch to No-authentication enrollment.
  • Management, deployment and restriction of applications.
  • Configuring restricted browsing modes along with advanced network restrictions for effective threat management.
  • Seamless deployment of purpose-oriented devices with Kiosk Lockdown Mode.
  • Security management features such as mandatory password rules, BitLocker (Windows) and FileVault (Mac) data encryptions, configuration profile deployment and so on.
  • Simplifying and securing access to corporate resources with Identity and Access Management (IAM).

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