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Data protection is a challenge that affects all organizations, regardless of their industry. Personal Identifiable Information (PII), in the wrong hands, could leave enterprises vulnerable to data breaches, extortion, and data theft. An organization with ISO and SOC 2 certification instills trust within its customer base and overall clientele, while demonstrating that the organization treats all aspects of data security with utmost care. The more organizations get into achieving compliance, the more confusing it gets. Is one framework better than the other? How to assess the effort to comply with an additional framework? All these queries and more to be addressed in the third episode of our data compliance series, as data protection and cybersecurity expert Gary Hibberd takes a deep dive into:

  • A deep dive into the SOC 2 and ISO frameworks.
  • The similarities and differences between ISO and SOC 2 frameworks.
  • How should organizations consider SOC 2 and ISO certification.
  • The challenges of SOC 2, ISO and a checklist for organizations on how to achieve their compliance.

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