A one-size-fits-all UEM for BYOD, COPE and CYOD.
Broad-ranging app and content management features.
Remotely manage all endpoints effortlessly from one console.
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Seamless Android device management at your fingertips.

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Phones, TVs and Wearables. All from a single point.

The Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software from Hexnode simplifies management of all sorts of Android endpoints, ranging from mobile phones to XR devices, and unlocks countless endpoint management capabilities.

Android Enterprise

Expand your enterprise management capabilities

Android Enterprise (AE) along with Hexnode enables the enterprise to exercise on extended level of control over every manageable aspect of a device.

Support containerization, which creates a virtual container effectively separating work-related data from everything else. Apart from securing and enhancing control over corporate data, containerization helps incorporate a sense of user privacy.

Android Enterprise provisions for a managed Google Play Store. Housed within the managed Google Ploy ore applications that ore pre-approved by the enterprise.

Android Enterprise
Samsung Knox

Build your own metaphoric fort

The Knox platform is built into most Samsung phones, tablets and wearables. Hexnode along with Samsung Knox extends the granular management capabilities of the enterprise by ensuring that the device is protected throughout its lifecycle.

Samsung with Knox allows its users to enroll with Hexnode UEM through Knox Mobile Enrollment (KME). KME lets the enterprise enroll, configure and manage devices on the very first power on.

Hexnode and Knox help the enterprise unlock some device management features that are beyond the capabilities of generic devices.

Samsung Knox
No-touch onboarding

Get started with no hiccups

Android Zero Touch Enrollment provisions for simplified large-scale enterprise device deployment.

Samsung Knox Enrollment is one among the most convenient options for the enterprise to enroll devices in bulk. Integration with Hexnode ensures deployment and configuration of Samsung devices that are completely secure from the hardware up.

Hexnode helps your organization remain as flexible as possible with a plethora of enrollment options ranging from no-touch to QR code enrollments to ensure that the users can get to work with zero time delay.

No-touch onboarding
Completely remote

Manage without ever touching the device

Support a wide range of management capabilities that can be configured on-to target devices without having to ever touch the device. Pre-configure device with corporate Wi-Fi, VPN and applications from the very first boot.

With Hexnode’s remote view and remote control capabilities, the admin can remotely view and troubleshoot supported devices.

Hexnode supports a completely cloud-based management console that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device, making remote management of the device simpler.

Completely remote

Start managing your Android devices

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Easy integration

Hexnode provides support for an ever-growing list of integrations to help you leverage the features of your pre-existing resources.

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Android management, made easy!

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