Zero Touch Deployment auf DEP iOS Devices

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im testing Hexnode these days and try to set up an iOS DEP Workflow which should result in a zero touch process. So far everything workes fine, besides that after the initial DEP setup when im reaching the userland hexnode immediatly ask the guy for logging into itunes to be able to install the hexnode mdm client. im not able to push any kind of apps unless that client is installed.

our goal is that the user only needs to login once at the DEP setup, so after that every config and mandatory apps gets installed automatically with no more user interaction. thats the way i expect and MDM solution to work, since i got it working on other MDM solutions as well.

i may could prepare the iphones with apple configurator to push the hexnode app previously, but that would result in a non-zero-touch deployment.


am i missing something? is there any way to archive a zero-touch-deployment AND only need just 1 user interaction for the standard app/config setup? appreaciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

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    Josh Hunter


    Hi Sascha,

    To install an App that is not part of the VPP, Apple needs an Apple ID. So it will prompt for itune Credentials.

    If you can Add Hexnode in your VPP license, it will never prompt for an Apple ID and you could have the complete Zero Touch Enrollment.

    You just need to unbox it, connect the device to WiFi and hand over the device to the user, it is as simple as that.

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