Problem with people locking their iPhones with iCloud and then not unlocking

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Hi looking for a system for our company with our mobile phones. We have a problem with people locking their iPhones with iCloud and then not unlocking them for us. will hexnode be able to solve this issue? also need tracking on the phone and if possible tracking while off or known last position?

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    Hi Williams,

    You can use our platform to clear the activation lock and start using the device again.

    Here is the link for a detailed steps on how to do that.

    PS: This will not work in a Personal(home user) use case, as the device has to be supervised and enrolled in Hexnode before you wipe the phone.

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    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    You can enable Supervision on iOS devices using Apple Configurator or Device Enrollment Program (DEP). While using Apple Configurator, you will have to hook up the devices to a Mac whereas supervising using DEP is completely over-the-air. However, DEP registration and approval might take around 5-10 business days, if the organization is not already enrolled in Apple Deployment Program.
    Also, devices purchased after 1st March 2011 and running at least iOS 7.0.4 can only be added to DEP.
    Supervision can be enabled only on a brand-new device or the device will have to be factory reset.

    Need to know more? Check out iOS Supervised Mode.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM