Hide mail and calendar apps in iOS

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Hi there, is it possible to hide/disable the Mail App and disallow mail/calender/reminder configuration in iOS?

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    Grace Baker


    Hi Kiara, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Yes, you can hide the apps by ‘blacklisting’ them through policy. The blacklisting option is found under ‘App Management’ for iOS devices. You can add either an app or a group of apps, ‘associate targets’ and ‘save’ the policy for it to take effect on the device.

    If a user tries to install a blacklisted app, upon installation, a pop-up will emerge specifying the restriction.

    Please note that the hiding of apps is feasible only on ‘supervised’ iOS 9.3 and above devices. Also, Phone and Settings apps cannot be blacklisted.

    If you are trying to prevent account modifications on a device, you can disable the ‘Modify the account’ option under Advanced Restrictions. When the option is disabled, users are not permitted to create/delete an account or change the password of an account. Account modification also includes modification of app accounts from device settings.

    Hope we were able to explain everything clearly but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you need any further information.

    Kindly use the link for further reference regarding the same.



    Grace Baker

    Hexnode MDM