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Hi, our employees have been effectively using their personal devices for work purposes with work profiles enabled. Now we are planning on bringing iOS devices to the workplace… does iPhone have a work profile similar to that of Android?

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  • Hi @Ryker,

    Unlike Android, Apple does not support work profiles on iOS devices. However, you can containerize corporate data by creating business containers. The Business Container controls the movement of data between managed and unmanaged apps and accounts. It protects corporate data by enforcing certain restrictions:

    • Block documents from managed apps to be opened in unmanaged apps and vice versa.
    • Prevent managed apps from writing to unmanaged contact accounts.
    • Restrict unmanaged apps from reading managed contact accounts.
    • It can also block sharing of managed documents using AirDrop.

    Hope I was able to clear your doubt.

    Evin Lee
    Hexnode UEM

  • Hi @Sybylla,

    Apps installed from the Hexnode console are referred to as managed apps, while apps installed manually by the user are known as unmanaged apps.

    Corporate contact accounts configured from the Hexnode portal are called managed contact accounts, while contact accounts added manually by the user are referred to as unmanaged contact accounts.

    Evin Lee
    Hexnode UEM

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    Using air drop, one of our employees disclosed an important corporate document. Hence, we are going to enable business container on devices to protect corporate data. Please provide the steps for setting this up.

  • Hi @Verbnigge,

    Follow the steps below to prevent the sharing of managed documents via AirDrop.

    1. Navigate to the Policies tab from the Hexnode portal.
    2. Click on the New Policy button or choose an existing policy.
    3. Go to iOS > Security, and select Business Container.
    4. Enable the option “Block Sharing Managed Document using AirDrop”.
    5. Associate policy with required Devices or Users.

    Have a look at Setting up Business Container for iOS devices to know more.

    Hope this resolves your query.

    Evin Lee
    Hexnode UEM