Windows support, Android Kiosk and Cloud AD

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Version : 5.1

Release date: 26th August 2016

Main features

  1. Windows mobile device support
  2. Android Kiosk
  3. Cloud AD
  4. Pre-enrollment
  5. SMS enrollment

Introducing Windows support for mobile devices

The support for Windows 8.1 mobile devices has been introduced in the v5.1 release. The features include

  • Password policy
  • Restrictions
  • Email configuration
  • Active sync configuration

The extensive restriction set includes

  • Device functionality restrictions to Camera, clipboard functions, device encryption, internet sharing, NFC, Cortana, WiFi, USB connection, Storage card, voice recording, WiFi hotspot reporting, auto-connect to WiFi sense, Manual WiFi configuration, VPN over cellular, VPN roaming over cellular, Cellular data roaming, phone reset, screen capture, telemetry, Bluetooth and location.>/li>
  • Application restrictions to Store, browser, Microsoft account connection, sync MySettings, developer unlock, manual root certificate installation, safe search, office file sharing, location access for search, store images from vision search, adding non-Microsoft accounts manually, save as office files and action center notifications.

Android Kiosk mode

The Kiosk mode for Android devices is introduced in this build. Any number of apps can be added in the kiosk mode.

Cloud AD integration

The AD integration has been extended to the Cloud version Hexnode MDM in this build. The build now contains Agent settings and AD settings. The AD based functionalities are also incorporated:

  • AD based group policy
  • AD based enrollment
  • Self enrollment

Pre Enrollment

The devices can be pre enrolled and policies can be assigned to those devices. Only these devices will be allowed to enroll. This is done with the integration of SCEP.

SMS enrollment

The enrollment request can now be send as test messages to users.

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