What is MDM, DEP, VPP

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Setting up an iPad for business use – MDM/DEP/VPP what is all this?

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    Hi Kyden,

    Mobile Device Management (MDM) deals with the management, monitoring and security of devices. Usually, an MDM is used to secure corporate data from the employees’ devices (personal or corporate-provided ) from leaking. So, the data is encrypted, the location of the devices are tracked and several restrictions are set for each device, like restricted access to applications. Corporate data are wiped remotely, if necessary.

    Apple’s Device Enrollment Program (DEP) is a service that helps enterprises to enroll their devices in an MDM server even before they turn them on. Not only it enrolls devices to MDM, but also skip the steps (like add WiFi network, choose language etc.) that appears the first time a device is set up.

    Volume Purchase Program (VPP) is Apple’s another service which allows you to purchase apps (both free and paid apps) in bulk and assign to employees. If an employee leaves the organization, then the app can be assigned to a new employee. In this case, the app will be uninstalled automatically from the old employee’s device and installed on the new one’s device.

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