What exactly are COPE devices and how are they helpful?

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Hello all,

I am a bit familiar with Company Owned Devices and Bring Your Own Device for device management. I have recently come across COPE devices and now I am confused. Can anyone shed light on this topic?

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    Aaron McCarthy


    Hey @damaris,

    COPE (Company Owned Personally Enabled) devices are purchased by organizations for their employees. Well, the amount of management on these devices is usually somewhere in between company-owned devices and BYOD.

    Now, unlike those company-owned devices, organizations don’t put a whole lot of restrictions on COPE devices. This gives the end-user a bit more flexibility in how they use the device. They can even store their personal data and use it for their own purposes.

    And, unlike BYOD devices, employees don’t have to use their own personal devices for work tasks with COPE devices. How ’bout that?

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    Aaron McCarthy


    Hey @wilma

    COPE could be a good option if a company wants to motivate its employees. With BYOD, employees must use their own devices for work, and some might not be too comfortable with that. So, if a company provides devices that don’t require a lot of management, it can really boost employee morale.

    And, you know, some companies don’t want their data on their employees’ personal devices. With COPE, they can configure the way they control the company data on the devices. And buying devices in bulk can be cost-effective and the company gets to keep the devices even when an employee leaves. Either way, it seems like a better choice to me.

  • Hello @Nancy,

    Hexnode currently supports the enrollment of company-owned Android devices running OS version 10.0 and above in Android Enterprise as a Work Profile. Hexnode’s Work Profile for Company-Owned Device (WP-C) feature creates a work profile that separates work and personal data on the device, ensuring that the user’s personal data stays safe. Admins can control some settings and features for the entire device, including setting requirements for the device password, controlling Bluetooth and data roaming, and configuring factory reset protection for effective device management.

    The following document guides you through the process of enrolling company owned android device in Android Enterprise as a work profile:

    If you have any questions or concerns about the topic, please contact us.

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    Hexnode UEM