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We need to inform our users when their devices stay inactive for more than 5 days. Didn’t find any option in the notifications tab for this. Setting the inactivity period in the portal lets us know when a device becomes inactive. Now this is all well and good but we also need the users to be informed regarding this.

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    Chris Wheeler


    Hey there, @liam-scott. Thanks for reaching out in Hexnode Connect.

    Unfortunately, we’ve not yet included an option to notify users when their device becomes inactive.

    However, if it suits your requirement, you can configure compliance settings from the Admin tab to mark the device as ‘non-compliant’ when it becomes inactive. You could then check the Device out of compliance option from Admin > Notifications > Notify the associated users on, to notify the users via email when the device goes out of compliance due to inactivity. The users would receive an email stating why the device became non-compliant.

    I’ll be sure to raise a feature request to our development team on your behalf as that’ll be a useful option to have in the Notifications tab.

    Have a great day!
    Chris Wheeler
    Hexnode UEM