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Hey guys,
Last day I deployed a app through the portal to my android device. But before the installation, theres a warning message displayed showing the app is a risk. The app I deployed is built in-house and is free of malware. Any idea why this occurs.

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    Conner Shaw


    With the introduction of Google play protect in the play store. It acts as a malware detector and issues warning message tom apps that doesn’t abide by google rules for an application. If your app isn’t listed in the play store, it may get a warning message before installing the app even if it is malware free.
    You can disable the play protect through the play store to remove this warning message and do a silent installation on the device.

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    Johan Blake


    Hey @william,
    Welcome to the Hexnode community.

    Currently, Hexnode UEM does not provide an option to disable the Google Play Protect feature in the Play Store. However, you can disable the Google Play Store as a workaround, which would also disable the Google Play Protect feature. Disable the Google Play Store option in the Advanced Restrictions tab under Android policies. This feature is only supported on devices running Samsung Knox 1.0 and above.

    We advise you not to disable Google Play Protect as it is excellent at detecting malware at the application level. Instead, upload your application to the Managed Google Play Store as a private app and deploy it via Hexnode UEM as a safer alternative. For this, the app will have to follow Google’s safety guidelines.

    Hope that helps your query.
    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM

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    As Johan suggested, disabling google play would be a bad idea because it acts as an anti-virus for your mobile. But every app flagged by the play protect need not be a virus or threat to the device. Most in house apps built by the organization will be secure and as it is a private application, it will not be available in play store. So google may wrongly flag that app and show a warning message just because it cannot recognize the source of the app.