Vpp apps not working on ios

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Hi guys,
Vpp apps pushed to ios devices are not installed on the device. Is anyone else facing this problem or is it an error from my side.


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    @wilma check if your ios device can access vpp.itunes.apple.com. Make changes to your proxy or firewall if site not accessible. If that’s not the case then check if your device version is lower than ios 9 and make sure to use the same apple id used to accept the vpp invitation.

  • Hey @wilma,
    Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Prior to iOS 9, Apple required a user to join the VPP program to install VPP apps on the device. VPP invitations were sent through an email to the users’ Apple ID.

    To send out VPP invitations to users, head over to Manage > Users > select the required users > Actions > Send VPP Invitation.

    This sends an email containing the URL to the user’s Apple ID to join the VPP program. Only after the user joins, you can push VPP apps to the user/device.

    Hope this clears your question.

    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM

  • Hey @schyler-scott,

    The “No available application license was found” error message indicates the shortage of app licenses. You can either revoke the app licenses that are not in use and assign them to other devices or purchase new licenses for the app from Apple Business/School Manager account.

    Hope this helps your query.

    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM