Unable to connect to a wi-fi network

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Need help!

I’m looking into managing a few iPad devices for the clients. At the start we enrolled our own devices, and everything was going well until I hit a wall with an iPad. unable to get it online. There’s no way I can get it connect to wifi. Since there is no internet connectivity, no actions can be pushed from the portal also. Any work arounds?

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    Feline Jones


    Hey @Agnes,

    Here are some tips that’ll help you connect to your wi-fi network. Some of them worked out for me.


    • Check for issues with your wi-fi network
    • Verify that the cables linking the router to the modem is connected. Turn off the router and turn it back on.
    • Try restarting the iPad. Also restart the router, cable and DSL modem.
    • reset the network settings on iPad by moving to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings
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    Thanks @feline-jones for your recommendations. But the point is that I am unable to toggle on wi-fi from the device. As such, no wi-fi networks nearby is shown. Also I’ve tried resetting the network settings on the device and checked for issues with router. Still no change.

  • We have had similar trouble with our iPads deployed in the office. No matter what, the iPads were not getting connected to wifi. In that case, we had already enforced certain network restrictions on the devices to ensure that they connect to the secured corporate wifi networks only. Though we also associated the wi-fi policy for the corporate wifi network, the devices were still unable to connect. After so many considerations if was spotted that the newly changed wifi password was updated incorrectly in the wifi policy. Even after the policy was reviewed, the network settings were not applied since the devices are offline. By the time we set up the cellular service plan on each device, we were spent! I guess the same thing is running you out.

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    Catherine George


    @Agnes I’d be happy to help you!

    All things considered, there is no fault with the restrictions or network configurations on the device. The device might be unable to connect to the Wi-Fi network due to some unknown reasons. Setting up a cellular plan would work, but only on an iPad supporting Wi-Fi + Cellular model.

    However, in such situations, you can use compatible Ethernet to lightning adapters to establish a wired internet connection over the iPads. Here are a few suggestions for the adapters:

    • Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter
    • Apple USB Ethernet Adapter

    Apple designs these products, and you can pick them up depending on their availability. You may also get them from third-party manufacturers. Use these adapters to get the iPad to stay connected with the Wi-Fi network. Further, you may push the remote actions or configure policies from the Hexnode MDM console.

    Feel free to contact us for more queries!

    Catherine George
    Hexnode UEM