Stealth mode on Mac

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What is actually meant by enabling stealth mode on Mac?

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    Enabling the stealth mode will stop the attackers from pinging your machine or scanning the ports of your mac. It makes the Mac invisible to hackers. It stops the Mac responding to the probing requests. Enabling the stealth mode won’t stop the Mac from acknowledging the incoming requests for authorized apps while unexpected requests such as ICMP (ping) are disregarded. On enabling the stealth mode, the user will not be able to manually turn off Firewall from their Mac devices until the policy is unassociated from the device.
    To enable the stealth mode, navigate to macOS->Security and choose the Firewall option. Check the ‘Enable Firewall’ and ‘Enable stealth mode’ option. Associate targets and save the policy.

    Kindly use the link to get more info on the same.

    Grace Baker
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