Can I fetch activation lock bypass code for a wiped device?

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Hi guys,

We have deployed the devices to our users that is enrolled in hexnode. Some of our employees recently left our company. As per company policy the device was wiped and kept in reserve. But when we took out the device to deploy it to another user, we noticed the activation lock was enabled and it’s not associated with the corporate Apple id. Is there any way I can get the code to bypass the activation lock enabled on the device.

platform: ios

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  • If the bypass code is synced with hexnode then the activation lock will be present in the device info page of the device. Click on the eye icon to see the full code. But since you wiped the device, I’m not sure if the bypass code will be retained.

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    Johan Blake


    Hey @_ ,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.


    Hexnode UEM continues storing the device details, including the activation lock bypass code of devices with the Activation Lock enabled and the Activation Lock bypass code synced with the portal, even after the device wipe. You can access this information by visiting the Disenrolled Devices page under the Reports tab. Then, on the Device Info page of your device, click the eye icon under Activation Lock to reveal the Activation Lock bypass code.


    Hope that helps with your query.
    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM