Sort/View/Search by Wifi SSID Under ‘Manage’

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I manage a lot of devices by Wifi SSID and it would be very useful to have this feature added under ‘Manage’. I currently have to go one by one for many devices to find the device by Wifi SSID.


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  • Hello @tony , welcome to Hexnode Community!

    We understand how this feature would make things easier for you; we’ll surely take it up with our development team and keep you updated.

    In the meanwhile, here’s a work-around that you could try using our Dynamic Device Groups feature. All you’ve got to do is:

    • Navigate to Manage > Device Groups > New Dynamic Group.
    • Provide a group name.
    • Under Choose Condition filters, select Network Info from the Select column group drop-down.
    • Select Wi-Fi SSID from the Select column drop-down.

    Configure the remaining settings according to your requirement, and you will have a device group that makes the sorting/viewing/searching of devices by Wi-Fi SSID much easier.

    Hope you find this helpful!

    Chloe Edison
    Hexnode UEM