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Hello there, everyone! I’m not convinced about the Okta platform integration. I had used an api token generated by an okta super admin for the initial integration. But now, following the integration, I need to assign admin privileges to another technician, but I don’t want him to be the super admin but instead, I want him to be the app admin. Should I remove the api token created by the super admin and replace it with one generated by the app admin to achieve this. Will this work without affecting hexnode’s functionality?

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  • Hey @sebastian,
    Welcome to the Hexnode community.

    You can change the admin rights from super admin to app admin using the Okta portal without disrupting Okta’s integration with Hexnode UEM. There’s no need to revoke the super admin’s API token under the Okta tab in the Hexnode portal. Also, the Application administrator in Okta doesn’t have access to create API tokens.

    Hope that helps your query.
    Johan Blake
    Hexnode UEM