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Our school bought new android tablets for our students. We want the devices to have a custom home page in the browser so that students log into our school’s student portal directly. Is this feasible with hexnode? We prefer chrome for our use… all devices were updated to the latest android version

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  • Hi @Kipp,

    Thank you for choosing Hexnode!

    If your devices are enrolled in Android Enterprise, you can configure app configurations and permissions for your managed apps.
    First, approve and add Google Chrome as a Managed Google app. Then, set custom URLs as your default homepage in your managed Chrome browser by using App Configurations.

    custom url browser

    In order to do so, configure a policy to install Chrome as a mandatory app and set custom URL as homepage by following these steps:

    1. Navigate to the Policies tab and click on Android.
    2. Select Mandatory Apps under App Management and add Google Chrome.
    3. Select App Configurations and click on Configure.
    4. Search for Google Chrome and add the app to configure it.
    5. Enter the URL to be set as homepage in the Configure the home page URL field and save the configuration.
    6. Select Policy Targets and associate the policy with target devices.

    Once the policy is associated, the Google Chrome app will be installed on your device as a mandatory app with the custom URL configured as your homepage.

    device end custom url app configuration

    Hope this answer meets your requirements

    Ethan Miller
    Hexnode UEM