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Hi, I’m stuck in MDM enrollment .It says screen overlay detected open settings , but when I search for screen overlay that option does not exist. The device has Android Marshmallow. Please help.

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    Screen Overlay is an advanced feature of android which enables any apps to appear on top of another app, newly installed apps would seek for certain permissions and if any other app’s screen overlay is observed, then a popup state “Screen Overlay Detected” is shown on the device not allowing you to launch the application.

    The screen overlay is used in messaging apps where a popup is displayed on a screen when a new message is received.

    Screen Overlay is detected when the user tries to install an app on an android Marshmallow device or when the user tries to manually grant permission to any application on the android device.

    To fix this, the user needs to turn off Screen Overlay of all installed apps in your android device while accepting the permissions.

    And then try installing the Hexnode app and grant the permissions asked during enrollment.

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