Scan device location stuck in pending state

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Whenever I execute the scan device location action on my iOS devices, the location doesn’t get fetched. When I check the Action History tab, it just seems to be stuck in the Pending status. Is this happening just for me?

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    Yes, location services have been enabled and Hexnode MDM app has been granted location permission too. Sometimes when I execute the scan device location action, I’m getting a badge notification on the Hexnode MDM app. When I open it there’s no new message but eventually the action becomes Success, and the location gets fetched.

  • @Eugene, this issue occurs because the Hexnode MDM app needs to be running in the background for a successful location scan on iOS devices. If the Hexnode MDM app is not running in the background or has been killed/terminated by the operating system, the Scan Device Location action may stay in the Pending status. In such cases, the Hexnode MDM app needs to be opened, and the sync icon clicked manually from the device for the scan to be successful.

    Click on sync icon in Hexnode MDM app for successful device location scan

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