Root certificates downloaded during macOS enrollment

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Hey guys, we are a fairly new startup, and have recently started using Hexnode for all our devices, which are mostly macbooks. Can someone please answer few doubts.

  1. What is the Hexnode Root CA certificate? Is this something that give Hexnode complete access over the device?
  2. Does Hexnode act as a middleman between the device and the world?

Hexnode Root CA certificate downloaded on enrollment


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  • Hello @Francesca,

    Thank you for reaching out to us. We’ll be glad to clarify all your doubts.

    Root certificate act as a proof of identity for a trusted CA (Certificate authority), a trusted entity that issues certificates to verify websites and web servers. Your device checks the root certificate to ensure the connection is secure and is for the intended web address.

    Hexnode Root CA certificate helps establish trust between the MDM server and your device. It does not intercept any other connections from the device.

    Hexnode neither has complete access over the device, nor does it act as a middleman between the device and the world.

    Hope that helped clear your doubts!

    Eren Schwarz
    Hexnode UEM

  • @Francesca, that is a very valid doubt!

    In case of a macOS device, to delete a root certificate or any other certificate installed on the system, the user needs to delete it from the Keychain Access app. If the root certificate is deleted, it will hamper Hexnode’s management and control over the device.

    However, to do so, they would be required to enter admin credentials for the device.

    Hope this helps!

    Eren Schwarz
    Hexnode UEM