“Profile Installation Failed” error while reenrolling DEP device to Hexnode.

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Hi there,
I cannot see an iPhone that was associated to the MDM server from our ABM account last week in the Hexnode portal. This is the first time I tried DEP enrollment. In the activity feed of Hexnode, the device is shown to be disenrolled. I tried to enroll it again by adding the device to Hexnode server from ABM. But got hit with this error. Cannot make head or tail of it!! What to do?

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  • @Daichi Yep. @Arthur is right. You can check if the profile is removable or not in the Hexnode portal.

    • Go to Enroll > Platform-Specific > Apple Business/School Manager > DEP Configuration Profiles.
    • Check the value in the field “Is MDM Removable?” corresponding to the profile that was associated with the device. A “No” indicates that the profile cannot be removed by the end user.

    Deborah Timothy
    Hexnode UEM