Prevent enterprise app backup on iOS

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We need to prevent data backup of one of our enterprise applications installed on our ios devices to protect sensitive company data.

Im assuming the sync managed app data option in the restrictions policy will prevent data backup of all managed apps, which is ideally not what we prefer. Just need to prevent for this one specific app and not the rest.

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    Chris Wheeler


    Thank you for reaching out to us, @chpman. I understand the challenge you’re facing right now but let me assist you with your concern.

    Yes, disabling the Sync managed app data with iCloud option in iOS restrictions will prevent the data of all managed apps from being stored in the user’s iCloud account.

    I think you missed the Prevent App Backup option while adding the enterprise app to the app repository. Checking this option will prevent the backup of the app documents and data.

    No worries, though; we have a workaround!

    Here’s what you need to do:

    1. Go to the Apps tab in the portal.
    2. Click on the enterprise app for which you want to prevent data backup.
    3. Tap the gear icon from the app details window that pops up and click Edit.
    4. Check the Prevent App Backup option and click Save.

    If the enterprise app was pushed to the device via a Mandatory Apps policy, the app settings will get updated on the device automatically, provided the policy remains associated with the device.

    If the enterprise app was pushed via the Install Application action, you’d need to push it again for the updated app settings to be reflected on the device. Note that this will not re-install the application on the device but rather only change the data backup configuration for the enterprise app.

    Hope this helps. Do reach out if you’ve further queries.

    Have a great day!
    Chris Wheeler
    Hexnode UEM