Please help on how to configure APNs certificate to enroll iOS Devices?

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Please help how to configure APNs certificate to enroll iOS Devices?

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    Grace Baker


    Hey, Thanks for reaching out to us.

    If the APNs certificate expires, you won’t be able to manage the devices until you renew it.
    You should use the same Apple ID to renew the certificate that was used to create the certificate for the first time. You’ll need to re-enroll the devices if you use a new Apple ID.

    To renew the certificate, you will have to download the Certificate Signing Request from the Hexnode portal. This CSR is then uploaded to the Apple Push Certificates Portal and then the APNs certificate will be generated automatically and downloaded to your computer. This certificate then should be uploaded to the Hexnode portal.

    Please use the link for a detailed explanation of how to renew the APNs certificate.

    Hope this helps.

    Grace Baker
    Hexnode MDM