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Password Clearance on a device using Hexnode MDMSolved

4 years ago

I have an employee that returned a device but never reported their passcode. Now they are not responding to attempts to contact them for the info. It is not connected to the internet right now and I cannot get into it. Is there a way to find the passcode through the Hexnode dashboard?

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Hexnode Expert
4 years ago
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Hi Elian,

Thanks for reaching out to us!

With Hexnode, you would be able to remotely clear the passcode for your enrolled iOS and Android devices. But the devices need to be connected to an active internet connection for any action from the portal to reach the device end.

The passcode set up on the device would not be stored within the Hexnode portal.

If the device is disconnected from the internet, try configuring a hotspot having the same credentials as the one to which the device was previously connected to and check if the device connects to the same.

Once the device is connected to the network, you would be able to remotely clear the password from Actions -> Clear password.

For Android 7.0+ devices, the device needs to be enrolled in Android Enterprise for this action to work.

Check out the link to know more: https://www.hexnode.com/mobile-device-management/help/remove-password-from-a-device-using-hexnode-mdm/

*After a certain number of incorrect attempts, the device would be in the disabled state. You would be able to clear the password only after that lock-out period.

If you are still not able to get the devices connected to an internet connection, you would need to wipe the device to clear the password.

Eva Tyler
Hexnode MDM